Saturday, August 09, 2008

Are You My Soulmate? ~ An Endless Search...

An Endless Search
If somehow by the will of all worlds,
I lost you to forever,
I’d search an eternity’s galactic swirls
Longing for our together.

For as big as I could imagine
A mate to my soul in dreams.
I would have never fathomed
One so exquisite as you, it seems.

And if by chance you wanted me not,
Into a cave my heart would sure fall.
But I’d pick up the pace and summon my pluck
And learn to plunge back out into it all.

You must know this one thing to tell of my heart.
This is from a muse so true,
I’d venture a universe thrice deep as far,
To find another such as you.

You are stitched to my heart,
To your love I am bound.
You make life seem like art,
My soul mate I finally found.


Blogger A. LULIK SUMARYONO said...

hoooiiiii di perbaiki donggg yang tempat mangkal gay di jakarta, itu mah udah banyak yanggg nggk berlaku, jari info dongggggggg yo massssssss aku tungguuu

8:59 PM  

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